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Who we are

Performance based debt settlement with money back guarantee

Debt Settlement US was launched to help every day Americans find a path to being debt free with a commitment to helping you get your life back on track. Our trained debt specialists work with our customers in a result driven manner to create a roadmap to financial stability. We have helped thousands of people get out of debt and pride ourselves on our results driven approach. Simply put, if we are not successful we do not earn a fee.

How we can help

We work to provide debt relief for most unsecured debt by negotiating with credit card companies and banks to reduce your debts and monthly payments.

Avoid Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a debt solution that will follow you for the rest of your life. The bankruptcy entry remains on your credit report for 10 years, but many loan, credit card, and job applications ask if you’ve ever filed bankruptcy. Settling debts with your creditors, can help you avoid filing bankruptcy and dealing with the consequences of a bankruptcy.

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Relief from overwhelming debts

The goal of debt settlement isn’t to get over on your creditors by paying them only a portion of the debt you accumulated. So it’s unwise to rack up a large amount of credit card debt with the expectation of settling it all. Debt settlement is a hardship based program, so not everyone qualifies.

If you’re legitimately having trouble paying back what you owe, debt settlement can work in your favor. Once your debts are settled and paid, you are debt free. This can be achieved much faster.

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Repay your debts in less time

Typically, debt is repaid in 24-60 months, however everyone’s situation is unique and different. This is much less time than you’d spend paying back your debts normally. It might take decades to pay off debt if you stuck to the original repayment schedule.

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A good chance to solve your debt problems

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Our debt specialist will gather your information and present you with options for debt relief

Our plans are personalized to your situation. Choose from options that will fit your situation.

Our plans get you out of debt quicker than you think. You can be debt free in 24 to 48 months